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Scenes from for Invisible Cities :

Goldbeater’s Skin, for mezzo-soprano and percussion quartet

Meander, Spiral, Explode, for percussion quartet and orchestra

Violin Concerto, “Breaks and Breaks”

The Arching Path, for piano

The Pieces That Fall to Earth, for soprano and 14 players

Sonata for Violin and Piano, performed by Rachel Lee Priday and David Kaplan:

South Catalina, performed by the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble:

Double Happiness, performed by Evan Chapman and Sean McFarland:

High Windows, performed by Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra:

How to Breathe Underwater Official Music Video (directed by Jonathan Maurer):

I will learn to love a person, performed by Mellissa Hughes, Timo Andres, Ian Rosenbaum, and Mingzhe Wang

Memory Palace, performed by Ian Rosenbaum:

Hoyt Schermerhorn, performed by Vicky Chow: