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Shall I Project a World?

About the work:

for solo violin

duration: 4 and a half minutes

Commissioned by:

Jennifer Koh for her Shared Madness project


May 24, 2016 at National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY


Coming soon from PSNY. Contact me for a perusal score.


About the work:

“Shall I Project A World?” wonders protagonist Oedipa Maas in Thomas Pynchon’s novella, The Crying of Lot 49. In the book, Oedipa finds herself a long and quixotic journey search of the details needed to settle her husband’s estate; at some point she wonders if all the strange things that happen to her were simply a product of her imagination. I was struck by this notion, the idea of someone seeming to dig deeper and deeper, only to find more depth, and I tried to channel in my work for Jennifer Koh. The tessitura and harmonies of the work expand very gradually, revealing a path that at first traces slowly downward, and when it cannot go any further, soars upward, exploring the enormous range of the violin.