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Invisible Cities (2009-2013)
for four solo voices, chamber choir, chamber orchestra, and electronics

All Wounds Bleed (2011)
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, and piano


High Windows (2013)
concerto for string orchestra

Still Life with Violin and Orchestra (2010)
for violin and orchestra

Invisible Overture (2008)
for small orchestra (or 10 players)

Large Ensemble (with or without voices)

The Branch Will Not Break (2015)
8 singers SSAATTBB or small choir and 10 players

The Pieces That Fall to Earth (2015)
for high soprano and 14 players
(also available in version for 10 players)

The Naomi Songs (2015)
for mezzo-soprano or baritone, 11 players, and looping electronics (or 2 obbligato voices)
(also available in a version for voice and piano)

Flows Beneath (2012)
for steel pan ensemble and 10 players

Solo and Chamber (with or without electronics)

Liminal Highway (2016)
for flute and electronics

The Arching Path (2016)
for solo piano

On Being Wrong (2015)
for solo cello and electronics

Sonata for Violin and Piano (2015)
for violin and piano

South Catalina (2014)
for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin and ‘cello

Double Happiness (2012)
for electric guitar, percussion and electronics

Memory Palace (2012)
for solo percussionist and electronics

Recovering (2011/12)
for clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, vibraphone, violin, and double bass

The Night Mare (2011)
for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello, and electronics

Hoyt–Schermerhorn (2010)
for solo piano and electronics

Reading a Wave (2008/2010)
for nine instruments placed throughout the audience.

Variations on a Still Point (2006/7)
for guitar, saxophone, percussion and piano

Vocal (with or without electronics)

Not One Word (2014)
for men’s choir

I will learn to love a person (2013)
for soprano, saxophone (or clarinet), percussion, and piano
(or soprano and piano)

That Night with the Green Sky (2012)
for soprano and piano

How to Breathe Underwater (2011)
for baritone, trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet, and pre-recorded electronics
(also available in a version for string quartet and electronics)

Requiem [for K.V.] (2007/2009)
for solo amplified voice and live electronics. Text by Kurt Vonnegut.

three e.e. cummings poems (2004)
for SSAATTBB choir

Electronic Solo / Installation

Five Days (2008-2010)
fixed media


WA Mozart Concerto No. 9 (2010)
for solo piano, chamber orchestra, and electronics

Serenity (Charles Ives) (2010)
for bass flute, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, and cello