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General Note:

Available here for download are the patches for my electro-acoustic works. All are designed to run in the free program Max Runtime (version 6.1.8 or higher). All patches also work in the latest version, Max 7, which is also free in a read-only version. All patches are up to date as of July 1, 2018. When downloading the patches, please be sure to keep all files in the same folder. Before running the patch, read the individual readme files associated with the patch. All programs work on both a Mac and Windows PC.

Foot Pedals:

All of my electro-acoustic works (with the exception of How to Breathe Underwater) are designed to work with foot pedals that advance cues in the score. The patches work with a number of different options. They work great with any standard midi sustain pedal attached to the USB Midi Expression piece or a Midi Keyboard. All patches are also designed to work with the bluetooth AirTurn pedals. All patches can be also be advanced with the spacebar or the midi note C4 (or any device that can be programmed to use that command). This technology seems to be changing very quickly, so feel free to contact me with any questions.

Other technical requirements

All of the pieces will require a USB, Firewire, or Thunderbolt audio interface to run the sound from your computer to a mixer/PA system. I have had excellent experiences with MOTU products.

Each of these pieces output stereo audio, so stereo speakers are required. In the case of The Night Mare and How to Breathe Underwater, the interface will need to be able to output at least three channels, so that the conductor/performer can hear the click track.

If possible, all of these pieces will benefit from light amplification. In the case of Memory Palace and Hoyt-Schermerhorn, amplification is necessary. Microphone choice is up to the performer, but high quality condenser microphones are optimal. All pieces strongly benefit from a 2-4 second reverb if the performance space is not reverberant.

The ideal sound is a clear, rich, and relatively wet ‘close’ sound. The microphone(s) should be placed as close to the instruments as possible. The reference recordings should serve as guides for sound design and balance between live instruments and electronics.

Download Patches:

The Naomi Songs

Memory Palace

Double Happiness

Double Happiness (version for piano and percussion)


The Night Mare

How to Breathe Underwater

Liminal Highway (Mac and Windows)

On Being Wrong (Mac and Windows)


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